Chris (2017)

"I'm sure I will get a lot out of the exercises, I think I was very lucky to stumble across someone so talented"

Anonymous (2016)

"The last time my son lost his voice it lasted for 5 months, Claire got it back in one session.  Thank you"

Sarah (2016)

"Claire was absolutely fantastic! I have never had someone care so much about my problems.  Truly amazing therapist!"

Lesley (2018)

"What an amazing therapist! You explained, encouraged and gave me my voice back in just one session"

Jack (2015)

"Thanks again for everything Claire, I feel much more confident in my voice and myself than I did a few weeks ago"

Soufia (2014)

"The biggest difference is that my voice doesn't seize up on me anymore and last week I was able to conduct a seminar for 1 hour with no problems"