Who we treat

Adults with voice problems

Oxford Voice Therapy treats adults who are experiencing difficulties with their voice.  Whether a professional voice user or not, Oxford Voice Therapy is used to dealing with a wide range of vocal issues.  These can include vocal fatigue, lack of confidence, difficulty using the phone, a change in singing range or even total voice loss.

Specialist area of interest

It is well known that there is an intricate link between our emotions and our voice but surprisingly traditional voice therapy does not always address this.  Claire at Oxford Voice Therapy has a specialist interest in working with voice difficulties that arise or are exacerbated by emotions.  She uses aspects of different psychological approaches alongside traditional voice exercises to endeavour to treat both the cause and the symptoms.

Examples of some typical clients

Singers, actors, TV or radio presenters, lecturers, teachers, people in sales, students.

Examples of voice diagnoses

Vocal nodules, vocal palsy, vocal polyp, muscle tension dysphonia, reflux causing voice problems, aphonia, whispering aphonia, psychogenic dysphonia